The case of the missing students- Exams and other things

Suddenly wild coffee cups appear on South Lawn in the absence of any humans, that’s because they’re all in the library studying right? No. The open textbooks and macs are there but the empty chairs suggest otherwise.

So then, where are all of the missing students? Have they been abducted, murdered, have they found some secret place to sleep or are they taking a trip in the Tardis to relearn the semesters work? It’s one of life’s biggest mysteries.

It can only mean one thing: Exam time.

Things I have learnt after my first exam period:

  1. Make sure to set ALL of the alarms
  2. Sleep will be impossible
  3. The uni will find out the worst possible timetable and you will get it
  4. 8:30am exams are a thing
  5. So are 5:15pm ones
  6. But don’t worry, they wont let you in until after 6pm
  7. The REB has a pretty ceiling
  8. It is okay to rock up in trackies or a onesie
  9. You will feel like a penguin beforehand
  10. 3,000 people is a lot
  11. You need to study harder during semester
  12. That thing you thought wouldn’t be on the exam- it is
  13. Caffeine withdrawal is a thing
  14. But that first cup after exams is heaven
  15. People will tell you how confident they are afterwards
  16. You’ll be pretty sure you’ve failed
  17. You might not actually fail



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