You’re not beyond help

I know what it’s like to feel like the world would be better off without you. To have gone through medication after medication, sit through unproductive therapy sessions and to experience life through hospital walls. To feel like nobody can help you. I know how much it hurts to see how your suffering is affecting other people. I get it. I do I’ve sat and cried and begged for everything to stop because the pain was so unbearable that death felt like the only way out. But I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing as being beyond help.

You may feel like you are not worthy or that you’re too much trouble, but none of that is true. You’re not too much trouble and there are people out there who care and want to help. It’s okay if you haven’t achieved everything you want to. There’s still time. There’s still time.

The worst day with you here is better than the best day without you. I get that this may not feel true. I understand it might be hard to believe, but you make the world a better place just by existing. You are worthy of life and worthy of help. No matter how hopeless the future seems, you are worth the fight. Please don’t give up because you are worth it.

You are not beyond help. I haven’t given up on you and you shouldn’t either. Hold on. Please, please, please keep holding on. One day this pain will all be worth it. You are not alone in your suffering.

You are not alone.


2 thoughts on “You’re not beyond help

  1. First, I want to apologize for my comment on your previous post. It is not for me to say anything. This is your blog to do with whatever you desire. I’m sorry.

    Okay, and for this post – Thank You. I have struggled for so long it’s hard to remember when, or if, there was a time that wasn’t a struggle. I do wonder if there’ll ever be a time without struggle. All I can hope for is that it calms down to a minimal amount. I have too many things that I honestly can’t expect more than that: 2 mental illnesses, 3 chronic pain dx’s, multiple past traumas, and so forth. However, I am holding on and trying to move forward. Some days are harder than others and other days are harder than even that but I do keep plodding on. It’s what I do: plod. No matter what is going on in my life, I am always moving; I don’t really know how not to.

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    • This is very well put and you do not have to apologise for commenting at all! I love when people leave comments on my blog.

      I’m glad my post helped you a little and I’m sorry things have been hard but your idea of ‘plodding alone’ is a lovely way of outing it. Keep hanging in there and one day things will get better. All the best xx

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